Like most of the West End, Numbers was once a residential home site. Built in approximately 1894, Numbers housed many newcomers to Vancouver and after World War II it became a rooming house.  Traces of the partitions separating the bedrooms can still be seen in The Loft. There was a common wash area, a downstairs kitchen and the shaft of the dumb waiter is still present.

As you walk up the stairs and enter into the club, the entrance, above the door, still has its original stained glass from the late 1800s and early 1990s. 

The upstairs bar, with its original stained glass, showcases the original wainscoting and the recently restored original old growth fir floor was discovered after we lifted up the decades old carpet. 

In the mid 1970’s to 1980, Numbers was a classic disco called Tony Lemmor’s Factory. Mr. Lemmor was a classic 1950’s era tough guy.

In 1980, Phil Moon purchased the business from Mr. Lemmor and renamed it Numbers.  As the pandemic hit in the early part of 2020, Numbers had to close.  Wanting to keep the business alive for the community, the Clerides family purchased the business from Phil in May of 2020. With the pandemic restrictions slowly being eased, the goal was to make Numbers one of the best fun and safe spots to enjoy a night out.

Numbers has a reputation of being Vancouver’s longest standing gay friendly bar.  Today, Numbers is a safe, fun, and inclusive venue that caters to the LGBTQA2S+ communities with a friendly, neighbourhood vibe.


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